How Safe Are Your Favorite Photos? We Narrowly Avoided Disaster With This... 

How A Minor Slip Up Almost Cost Us Our Anniversary Photos – And How A Brilliant Little “Photo-Vault” Saved The Day.

In my humble opinion, “progress” isn’t always progress.

Back in the day, I brought a disposable camera to every major event.

Graduations. Reunions. Family vacations. Parties. If the moment was special, me and my little yellow convenience store film camera were always ready.

It’s true – the photo quality left something to be desired. Plus, finding out I had five or six blurry shots of a hand or a misplaced finger was also a bit of a pain.

But once they were developed and printed, at least I knew where all my photos were.

Nowadays, my family has a gazillion pictures spread across a dozen devices. I’ve got thousands on my phone, hundreds on my tablet, tons on our laptop, and quite a few still stored on our actual digital camera. And everyone in the family has their own devices.

Sometimes, I’m not even sure where to start looking for stuff.

And don’t even get me started on organizing them all. Seriously – who has the time to organize these thousands of photos? I’m talking about organizing them into neat files, naming those files, combing them for duplicates, maybe uploading them to the cloud for safekeeping…I just don’t have the time (or the patience!) for that!

So, like most people, I let them sit, unorganized and untouched until I need them. Which, come to find out, is a very risky thing to do.

Which Brings Me To Last Week's Near Catastophe...

One evening while giving the dog a bath, my phone slipped out of my pocket.

I scrambled, tried to stop it from touching the water, but it slipped right out of my grip. Naturally, by the time I pulled it out, the screen was completely black.

I tried putting it in rice overnight. But alas, there was just no reviving this thing. This sucker was DEAD.

Here’s the really scary part–– I had a bunch of photos and videos on that phone. Including the ones from our 15th wedding anniversary vacation.

We had gone to the Dominican Republic for two weeks – and we had a blast. It was our best trip together. And of course, I didn’t think to back up the photos anywhere else.

Once I realized what had happened, my stomach knotted up and I felt sick to my stomach. My wife was going to kill me.

Of course, what I didn't know at the time was that my wife had already invested in some backup.

My wife is what you’d call a “Mrs. Always Ready”

I jokingly tell her she’s the type of person to carry an umbrella on a sunny day. So naturally, when she saw an ad on Facebook for a product called The Photostick Mobile that could sort through, organize, and backup EVERY photo or video in case of emergencies in one click – and for only $29.99 for 8 GB of storage – she was all over it.

Of course, she forgot to mention this little impulse buy to me. But I'm glad she decided to give it a try –– we did both have A LOT of photos and videos saved on our phones, and we weren’t using any other backups or services. 

The Idea Behind ThePhotoStick Is Pretty Simple

It’s simply a tiny USB that you can easily fit right into your pocket or even attach to a keychain, making it easy for anyone to hang onto.

Once you’ve connected ThePhotoStick Mobile to your device by USB, simply download the free app and you’ll instantly be ready to begin adding your photos.

Getting your photos from your phone to your computer or other device is just as easy. The other end of ThePhotoStick Mobile fits perfectly into your computer’s USB port, that way you can quickly transfer each and every photo with the click of a button.

The month before our little incident, my wife took a few minutes to plug it into her phone and try it out. All in all, she had something like 1,400 photos stored in different files.

Get this –– in no more than 20 minutes, it not only scanned and backed up everything….it also identified and removed any duplicates. She says she walked out of the room to fix herself some lunch while it was working.  

Hindsight is 20/20...

I really wish I’d known about this before I lost my phone. But I’ll definitely never be caught unawares again.

Seriously – this thing is amazing. I love the fact that once you’re done, you can look through your photos, all organized perfectly with duplicates removed.

For the first time in a long time, I was able to take a stroll down memory lane without clicking through a mess of random files.

Back-Up Your Memories Now!

Don’t wait for a catastrophe to strike! Easily transfer the family photos from your phone, safely onto your computer, and know that your precious memories will remain secure on ThePhotoStick Mobile.

The best part? You can get The PhotoStick Mobile for under $100!

Complicated external hard drives can easily cost triple the price of ThePhotoStick Mobile so you don’t want to miss out on this amazing deal!


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- One-click uploading
- Instant filtering of duplicate photos

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