How Safe Are Your Favorite Photos? We Narrowly Avoided Disaster With This... 

How A Minor Slip Up Almost Cost Us Our Anniversary Photos – And How A Brilliant Little “Photo-Vault” Saved The Day.

In my humble opinion, “progress” isn’t always progress.

Back in the day, I brought a disposable camera to every major event.

Graduations. Reunions. Family vacations. Parties. If the moment was special, me and my little yellow convenience store film camera were always ready.

It’s true – the photo quality left something to be desired. Plus, finding out I had five or six blurry shots of a hand or a misplaced finger was also a bit of a pain.

But once they were developed and printed, at least I knew where all my photos were.

Nowadays, my family has a gazillion pictures spread across a dozen devices. I’ve got thousands on my phone, hundreds on my tablet, tons on our laptop, and quite a few still stored on our actual digital camera. And everyone in the family has their own devices.

Sometimes, I’m not even sure where to start looking for stuff.

And don’t even get me started on organizing them all. Seriously – who has the time to organize these thousands of photos? I’m talking about organizing them into neat files, naming those files, combing them for duplicates, maybe uploading them to the cloud for safekeeping…I just don’t have the time (or the patience!) for that!

So, like most people, I let them sit, unorganized and untouched until I need them. Which, come to find out, is a very risky thing to do.

Which Brings Me To Last Week's Near Catastophe...

One evening after work, my wife pulled out our old 17” inch laptop. It had been our main laptop for years, and hadn’t given us any trouble up until that point. But while she was shopping for something online, it finally happened: The fan inside the computer starting sounding unusually loud – like a small aircraft trying to take off.

Then the screen went completely black.

We tried EVERYTHING, but there was just no reviving this thing. It was really DEAD.

Here’s the scary part–– we forgot we were storing a bunch of our old photos and videos on that computer. Including the pictures we took for our 15th wedding anniversary vacation.

We had gone to the Dominican Republic for two weeks – and we had a blast. It was our best trip together. And of course, we didn’t think to back up the photos anywhere else.

Once I realized what had happened, my stomach knotted up and I felt sick to my stomach. For my wife’s sake, I was trying not to look like I was panicking. But I was freaking out. 

Of course, what I didn't know at the time was that my wife had already invested in some backup.

My wife is what you’d call a “Mrs. Always Ready”

I jokingly tell her she’s the type of person to carry an umbrella on a sunny day. So naturally, when she saw an ad on Facebook for a product called The Photostick that could sort through, organize, and backup EVERY photo or video in case of emergencies in one click – and for only $29.99 for 8 GB of storage – she was all over it.

Of course, she forgot to mention this little impulse buy to me. But I'm glad she decided to give it a try –– we did have A LOT of photos and videos saved on our computer, and we weren’t using any other expensive backups or services.

The Idea Behind ThePhotoStick Is Pretty Simple

It’s just a small thumb-size USB drive that makes storing and organizing your digital photographs a three-step, ‘plug and play’ effort. Oh, and it also saves your videos, too!

The great thing about PhotoStick (besides the price) is that you’re not limited to using it on just one computer. You can even plug it into multiple computers (PC and Mac) to grab, store, and organize photographs on there, too.

If you’re terrible with computers, that’s fine – the directions are incredibly easy to follow. If you can plug things in and press a big green button, you’re good to go!

The month before our little incident, my wife took a few minutes to plug it in and try it out. All in all, we had something like 3,400 photos stored in different files.

Get this –– in no more than 20 minutes, it not only scanned and backed up everything….it also identified and removed any duplicates. My wife says she walked out of the room to fix herself some lunch while it was working.

Honestly, The Relief Was Indescribable

When she plugged it into my work laptop, and showed me all our photos were safe and sound, I think I audibly sighed.

Seriously, this thing is amazing. I actually just used it again this week. This time to back up a few photos saved to a memory card we kept in our “everything drawer”.

I love the fact that once you’re done, you can look through your photos, all organized perfectly with duplicates removed. For the first time in a long time, I was able to take a stroll down memory lane without clicking through a mess of random files.

Our story is just one in a million – literally, because that’s how many people (and counting) use PhotoStick today. These aren’t paid reviews or fake testimonials — they’re genuine reviews from Amazon:

I was suspicious but bought anyway and am off the chain satisfied.” - Carol D.

I know some people have trouble with technology and I get that but what everyone needs to understand is that now days you must have some kind of protection on your PC or things will not work right. Now having said that you must also follow directions given with each device to get the results they advertise . I put the PhotoStick in my 1st computer and followed the directions and within about 10 min. hade over 3000 pictures downloaded did everything they said found duplicates and so on. Put it in 2nd computer older laptop did the same thing just took longer had almost 6000 pics on this one. What was most amazing this to me was this thing even found pics that I had just deleted on the newer laptop that I had not trashed yet. The next day I put the PhotoStick back in newer laptop and took about 3 min to load over 8000 pics and began deleting and grouping pics , worked like a charm. Did this also the next day no problem working great. I think it all depends on your computer not having a virus or that you must follow the path they say to use it correctly. Great product works flawlessly .” - Pat C.

I love this stick. I knew I had a lot of duplicates and pictures on the computer that I didn't have on my phone and vice-versa. So EASY. I just downloaded my phone to my computer and then plugged the photostick into my computer. Took an hour or so but everything is in date order with no duplicates. After ejecting the photostick, I erased all photos on my computer and phone. I then copied the photos from the photostick to my computer and phone. Super space saver.” - Dan H.

Back-Up Your Memories Now!

It’s easy! You can get ThePhotoStick today for only $34.99. Or you can increase your photo storage space by upgrading to 8X the storage for ONLY $15.00 more!

So skip the expensive external hard drives that can’t deliver a fraction of the value of ThePhotoStick. Order yours today and protect all of your past and future treasured family memories. 


As of today, you can still get ThePhotoStick for up to 50% OFF!

- Safe storage of 1000s of photos & videos
- One-click uploading
- Instant filtering of duplicate photos

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As of today, you can still get ThePhotoStick for up to 50% OFF!

- Safe storage of 1000s of photos & videos
- One-click uploading
- Instant filtering of duplicate photos

Get 50% Off

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