Smartphone Users: Take Back Your Privacy – And Your Freedom

Stop missing picture perfect moments because of full storage!

In a stunning move, this tech giant has admitted it plans to scan every photo on your phone. Here’s how to “go dark” to protect your privacy. 

Your private photos are not public property.

At least, that’s how it used to be.

In August 2021, Apple announced that all photos stored in the iCloud Photo Library would be subject to regular scans.

They claim to have developed this system to fight child exploitation, performing scans on your phone and only raising alarms if a certain number of “matches” to illegal material are found.

While we’re all for protecting children, there’s real reason for concern. Privacy experts worry that Apple's moves could signal another worrying step on the road to a Chinese-style surveillance state.

"Even if you believe Apple won't allow these tools to be misused there's still a lot to be concerned about," tweeted Matthew Green, a professor at Johns Hopkins University who's worked on cryptographic technologies.

In some places, governments use similar technology to build profiles of their citizens. And with unrestricted access to your face – and your loved one’s faces – they’re able to paint a scarily accurate picture of your life.

Here’s what that could mean for you….

Imagine, all your most personal memories scanned from your phone, your tablet, or your computer – being used to profile you.

And we’re not talking about the photos you choose to put on Facebook – we’re talking about ANY AND EVERYTHING YOU SAVE.

Family photos.

Home videos.

Grandkid’s graduation pictures.

Vacations. Beach days. Barbecues.

A literal treasure trove of stolen information – one that paints a composite picture of who you are, where you are, who you’re with, and even the kind of citizen you are.

Even if a private company like Apple insists they have no plans to use the data – unrestricted access is unrestricted access. And you’d better believe any technology with this kind of reach into our personal lives is irresistible to an authoritarian mind.

Apple isn’t the only company with their eyes on your photos

Big tech has sneakily had their hands – and a million eyes – on our lives for years now.

Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and Google (and its YouTube subsidiary) all use various technologies to scan their systems for any potentially illegal uploads. If your photos and videos are anywhere close to their systems, there’s a good chance they’re already storing and scanning it somewhere else.

So how do you avoid the digital dragnet?

Step 1: TURN OFF the automatic upload feature on your devices.

Any sensible person who doesn’t want to sleepwalk into a digital surveillance state – where someone somewhere is using your photos and videos to track, monitor, and record you 24/7 – would avoid the Cloud like the plague.

Step 2: Start using ThePhotostick Omni

ThePhotostick Omni is probably the best piece of privacy tech available to private citizens in the last couple years.

The Omni’s special adapter makes it so that ThePhotoStick USB can fit into any device and safely back up ALL of your photos and videos - instantly!

With ThePhotoStick Omni, you can save tens of thousands of photos and/or videos and never have to worry about saving your private life to a public Cloud. It comes with plenty of memory too, so you’ll never worry about running out of storage space, or losing any of your memories! 

It’s super simple to use – you can get it working in three easy steps!

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Step Two: Plug one end of the adapter into the USB stick and plug the other end into your device. ThePhotoStick App will begin finding and sorting through all of the photos and videos stored onto your device.

Step Three: Remove the adapter from the USB stick and plug into your computer's USB port.

That's it! You're files will be safely transferred to your computer, freeing up precious memory space on your phone or tablet.

Here are a few other things to love about ThePhotostick Omni:

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It’s amazing how many Americans believe submitting to Cloud photo surveillance is their only option….

Especially when they get animated over the idea of digital surveillance in other areas of life.

Remember the outrage in 2013, when National Security Agency (NSA) Edward Snowden blew the whistle on how the government was monitoring American’s communications in a massive dragnet operation?

Or in 2016, when Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal broke after the presidential election?

People were FURIOUS, and for good reason!

Still, we keep creeping towards more and more digital surveillance. Many of the same people – over 850 million – willingly use Apple’s cloud services EVERY DAY.

Some just shrug their shoulders and assume that’s the price they have to pay for the convenience of digital photos and videos.

But it doesn’t have to be…..

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