Tired of that “Your storage is almost full” notification? Banish it for good with ThePhotoStick Cube!  

Stop missing picture perfect moments because of full storage!

Find out why smartphone users are calling ThePhotoStick Cube one of the best tech finds of 2021

If you own a smartphone (who doesn’t?), you’re probably familiar with the single most annoying notification that ever existed.

“Your storage is almost full.”

It always stops you in your tracks at the worst moment – right when you’re in the middle of recording something important. Now you have to scroll through ALL your photos and videos and choose what you’re willing to trade to record THIS memory.

The phone manufacturers will tell you the best solution is to upgrade to a Cloud service.

After all, over 95 million people a year risk losing their graduation photos, baby pictures, and other family moments from accidental drops, rides in the washing machine, falls in the pool, etc..

But “the Cloud” isn’t for everybody. After all, you already paid them $1,000 for the phone. Plus, not everyone is comfortable with their photos floating around…..somewhere up there.Luckily, there’s another option – one that safely backs up, sorts and organizes your photos and videos in a safe place – without a monthly subscription fee.

It’s called ThePhotoStick Cube.

And it’s probably the best phone accessory to come out in the last couple years.

This little add-on to your phone charger safely backs up and organizes ALL your photos and videos every time you charge your phone!

With ThePhotoStick Cube, you can save tens of thousands of photos and/or videos and never have to worry about running out of storage space, or losing any of your memories! 

It’s super simple to use – just one step!

Just plug it in between your wall charger and your power cord, and charge your phone at night like you always do. ThePhotoStick Cube starts working WITHOUT you having to open any apps or press any buttons. 

Here are a few other things to love about ThePhotoStick Cube:

• It organizes your pictures and videos for you
• Comes in 64GB and 128GB
• Secure – No one else can see your photos
• Stores photos on a removable SD can, so you can save them anywhere
• No Cloud, no Wifi, no data network required
• Protects up to 10,000 photos
• FREE App

We also love the fact that it solves our #1 complaint about The Cloud – it makes it easy to share photos and videos with friends and family!

And what happens when ThePhotostick Cube fills up?

That’s the beauty – it won’t. As long as you keep buying new Photo SD cards (the kind you can pick up for $10 from Walmart or on Amazon), you’re good to go!

Don’t wait for a catastrophe to strike! Easily transfer the family photos from your phone, safely onto your computer, and know that your precious memories will remain secure on ThePhotoStick Cube.

The best part? You can get The PhotoStick Cube for under $100!

Complicated external hard drives can easily cost triple the price of ThePhotoStick Cube so you don’t want to miss out on this amazing deal!


As of August 1st, you can still get ThePhotoStick Mobile with 32GB of storage for 40% OFF! For only $59.99, you get:

  • Safe storage of 15,000 of photos & videos
  • One-click backup
  • Easily transfer photos & videos to your computer

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- Safe storage of 1000s of photos & videos
- One-click uploading
- Instant filtering of duplicate photos

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