ThePhotoStickยฎ Omni Troubleshooting Guide: 

Why Am I Getting an Error When Trying to Install ThePhotoStick Omni From the Google Play Store?

When trying to install ThePhotoStick Omni app from the Google Play Store, it may fail to install with following error:

This error occurs when our TPS Mobile app is installed, rather than our TPS Omni app. This is crucial, as the TPS Mobile app is used with our TPS Mobile product and not ThePhotoStick Omni.

To resolve this issue, uninstall the TPS Mobile app and then install ThePhotoStick Omni app.

To Resolve This Issues, Complete the Following Steps

1. Locate the TPS Mobile app on your mobile device. Then, tap and hold the icon.

2. Once the option appears, select 'uninstall'.

3. When you receive the prompt asking if you want to uninstall the app, tap 'OK'.

*NOTE: Be sure to allow enough time for your device to uninstall the app before proceeding to the next steps.

4. Find and open the Google Play Store on your mobile device.

5. Search for 'ThePhotoStick Omni' and install the app.

You can also access our Google Play Store app by clicking here.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Your screen should say 'ThePhotStick Omni'. If you are seeing 'ThePhotoStick Mobile' then you are viewing the wrong TPS app.


If you are using ThePhotoStickยฎ Omni on your mobile device, please make sure you have downloaded the latest Android or iOS app from the App Store or Google Play.