ThePhotoStick® & ThePhotoStick® Omni Troubleshooting Guide: 

macOS Update: ThePhotoStick® Software May Not Start and Run Properly on Apple’s macOS Ventura (version 13)

Apple released their latest macOS version – macOS Ventura (version 13) on October 24, 2022.

Due to changes Apple has made in their operating system, you may encounter a couple of issues in the current release of ThePhotoStick® Omni and ThePhotoStick® software.

APPLIES TO:  ThePhotoStick® Omni and ThePhotoStick® running on macOS Ventura (version 13)

*IMPORTANT NOTE: These issues are only seen on macOS Ventura. Previous releases of macOS operate and run without issue.

ISSUE #1: When trying to run the software, you get a message saying the software is damaged and should not be opened.  

ISSUE #2: The “Verify File” option MUST be disabled or files may look like they were saved to the ThePhotoStick® Omni or ThePhotoStick® drive but were not.

WORKAROUND: A software update will be released soon to fix these issues, but in the meantime, use these two workarounds to avoid any issues when running ThePhotoStick® Omni or ThePhotoStick® on macOS Ventura.

Issue #1 Workaround

If you receive the message that “ThePhotoStick_Mac is damaged and can’t be opened”, use Control-click to open it by doing the following:

1. Control-click (Hold down the Control key on your keyboard and then click) on ThePhotoStick_Mac and select “Open.”

2. Select “Open."

Issue #2 Workaround

It is very important to disable the “Verify Files” backup option. Otherwise, the files will seem like they were saved to the USB drive but are not. Do the following to disable the “Verify Files” option:

1. Select “Backup Preferences.”

2. Select “Other Options.”

3. Uncheck “Verify Files” and select “Save.”

4. Start a backup by selecting “Backup.”


Steps on updating your ThePhotoStick® Mac and ThePhotoStick® software that fixes these issues will be added here when it is released. Please check back here periodically and follow the steps to update your software when it is here.

Running with the above workarounds is perfectly acceptable as well if you rather not update to the new software.


If you are using ThePhotoStick® Omni on your mobile device, please make sure you have downloaded the latest Android or iOS app from the App Store or Google Play.