ThePhotoStick® Omni Troubleshooting Guide: 

ThePhotoStick® Omni Drive is Not Detected by My Phone

If you're having trouble selecting ThePhotoStick® Omni drive because it is not being detected by your device, please read through the following troubleshooting guide and complete each step as needed. 

There Are Two Primary Ways of Telling if Your Phone Is Not Detecting Your ThePhotoStick® Omni Drive:

1. You do not have a button with three horizontal bars after tapping “Getting Started”.

2. You do not see “PHOTOSTICK” or “generic USB device” on the device list.

In either case, here are some steps to try to get your phone to detect your ThePhotoStick® Omni drive:

1. Ensure ThePhotoStick® Omni device is fully plugged into your phone.

a. Some phone cases may be too thick and may prevent the Omni adapter from being fully plugged in. Remove the phone case and then try plugging the ThePhotoStick® Omni device into your phone. Then, check to see if the phone detects the drive now.

b. If your phone has a USB-C connector, flip the Omni adapter upside down and plug into your phone. Then, check to see if the phone detects the drive now.

2. Does the LED on ThePhotoStick® Omni drive light up and blink when first plugged into your phone? If not, make sure the drive is seated fully into the Omni adapter and the Omni adapter is fully seated into your phone. When the phone detects ThePhotoStick® Omni drive, the LED on the drive will always light up and blink initially.

3. If ThePhotoStick® Omni drive was detected by your phone before but not now, did you leave the drive plugged into your phone for a long time? It is possible that the phone put the drive to sleep since it was not being used. In this case, unplug and plug back in your ThePhotoStick® Omni device.

4. If possible, try ThePhotoStick® Omni drive in a different phone to see of the other phone can detect the drive.

5. Try plugging ThePhotoStick® Omni into a computer and see if the computer can see drive. If your computer does not detect it either, it is possible the drive is defective and needs replaced.

6. If using an older version of Android, make sure you have “Show SD card” enabled.

a. Tap on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner

b. Tap on "Show SD card" in the upper right-hand corner

c. Tap on "Show SD card" in the upper left-hand corner

You should now see PHOTOSTICK in the device list to select.

7. Tap on "PHOTOSTICK". (NOTE: On some phones and tablets, it may show as a "generic usb device" and not say "PHOTOSTICK".)


If you are using ThePhotoStick® Omni on your mobile device, please make sure you have downloaded the latest Android or iOS app from the App Store or Google Play.