Buy 2 ThePhotoStick® Omni 64GB, Get 2 FREE!

  • Back Up Over 25,000 Photos and Videos
  • User Friendly - No Tech Knowledge Required!
  • Works On Smartphones, Tablets and Computers
  • Find and Sort Over 100 Different File Types
  • Safely Protects Your Files From Hackers

ThePhotoStick® Omni Backs Up Your Precious Memories - On Any Device!

Keep Each and Every Memorable Moment Safe

In today's world, printed photos are a thing of the past, so it's important to make sure each and every memory is kept safely stored away. With one simple device, you'll never have to worry about losing your files in the Cloud or to unknown circumstances like water damage again.

Back up and protect a lifetime of memories with ThePhotoStick® Omni.


Reasons to Love ThePhotoStick Omni

Super Easy To Use

Simply plug the adapter into your computer, phone or tablet and let it work!

 Massive Storage

Up to 256GB storage capacity – easily back up 100,000+ photos and videos!

Works On All Devices

Special adapter works with all laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.

 Keeps Your Files Safe

Never worry about losing files. Quickly and securely backup new files - no cloud or password needed!

Using ThePhotoStick Omni Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3!


Download the App

Easily download for FREE in the Google Play Store and Apple Store


Plug In the Adapter

Use the adapter to plug the Omni into your Android or Apple device and find files


Safely Transfer Files

Plug the USB stick into your computer and safely transfer your photos and videos

Over 6,000+ Reviews

Don't just take our word for it! Find out what other users are saying:

Roslynn Shirley

 Verified Buyer

Love it!!! PhotoStick is a great Gift 

Love it!! I had 2,500 photos on my iPhone and doubles. The stick in less than 3 minutes downloaded and deleted doubles. Now my phone is freed up and 2,000 originals are on the stick😃. Great gift idea for Christmas 🎄 Thanks also for the support of staff in answering emails so quickly.

Billy D. Gatton

 Verified Buyer

Picture Stick is a gift for anyone! 

This SO easy to work with. Simply pug it in, load the small app, and click. Sit back have a coffee or two. (If you are picture hoarder like me a short nap is good) I don't mean to imply it is slow I had a lot of pics.

L Saunders

 Verified Buyer

If you've never used one try it best thing ever 

Love it love it love it One of the best things I have ever bought to put pictures on I have almost 4000 pictures on in and still have Room to add more easy to work easy to use. Such a great thing to have.

Kathleen Morgan

 Verified Buyer

Save with photostick before your device fails

I got all my pictures, screenshots and downloads off my phone, tablet and laptop. What a relief. I have had several phones die over the years and so much info was on them. I don't trust drop box or just saving photos on a device, google took ALL of mine and I have no idea where they are. This photo stick is worth every penny.


 Verified Buyer

Photo stick that's worth buying

It's easy to use and it searched my computer for pictures and videos. This is so worth getting. It's 128gb and it also has a cover.


Eliminate the headaches of searching, organizing, transferring and saving photos and videos.

FREE U.S. Shipping

On orders totaling $50 or more


All products are backed, starting the day you receive your purchase


Top-rated customer service ready to assist you!


Never Worry About Losing Your Favorite Photos Again!

Get ThePhotoStick Omni Today & Begin Backing Up Each and Every Precious Memory

Buy 2 ThePhotoStick® Omni 64GB, Get 2 FREE
Buy 2 ThePhotoStick® Omni 64GB, Get 2 FREE
Buy 2 ThePhotoStick® Omni 64GB, Get 2 FREE
Buy 2 ThePhotoStick® Omni 64GB, Get 2 FREE
Buy 2 ThePhotoStick® Omni 64GB, Get 2 FREE
Buy 2 ThePhotoStick® Omni 64GB, Get 2 FREE
Buy 2 ThePhotoStick® Omni 64GB, Get 2 FREE
Buy 2 ThePhotoStick® Omni 64GB, Get 2 FREE
Buy 2 ThePhotoStick® Omni 64GB, Get 2 FREE
Buy 2 ThePhotoStick® Omni 64GB, Get 2 FREE

Buy 2 ThePhotoStick® Omni 64GB, Get 2 FREE

 Limited Time Offer! 


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ThePhotoStick Omni 32GB: $47.99  $59.99
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ThePhotoStick Omni 128GB: $79.99  $99.99 - 👑 Popular!
ThePhotoStick Omni 256GB: $119.99  $149.99

NEW AND IMPROVED: ThePhotoStick® Omni is a small device that can find and sort thousands of photos and videos on ANY device.

It automatically finds and sorts your favorite files with complete accuracy to ensure no memory is ever missed. You can now safely store and share each and every precious moment with ONE device.

Works on popular desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones from Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone.

Back Up Over 25,000 Photos & Videos on a Single Device!

FREE U.S. Shipping on Orders $50 or More

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Thousands of Your Favorite Photos & Videos Stored Safely Away on One Incredible Device

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Back Up Over 25,000 Files on a Single Device!

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Back Up Over 51,000 Files on a Single Device!

Buy 2 ThePhotoStick® Omni 256GB, Get 2 FREE



Back Up Over 102,000 Files on a Single Device!


Let ThePhotoStick Omni's custom designed file-backup app do the work for you!

Enjoy your free time with the ones you love most, and let ThePhotoStick Omni do the hard work for you.

You'll never have to waste hours of time trying to find, organize, and backup each of your photos and videos, again. ThePhotoStick Omni can find, sort and organize your most treasured files. No lost hours. No missed photos. No Cloud fees.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We are committed to delighting each customer of ThePhotoStick. We are so confident you will love it, that we offer a no-risk 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, starting at the day of delivery.

Try out our full line of ThePhotoStick products, with no risk! If you have any issues and are not completely satisfied with your purchase for whatever reason, simply contact or visit our Live Chat support at

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