ThePhotoStick® Cube for iPhones

ThePhotoStick® Cube for iPhones

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NEW AND IMPROVED: ThePhotoStick® Cube is a small device that backs up your photos and videos while your phone charges – WITHOUT the frustration of searching and organizing them yourself!

Now download your photos, videos AND files up to 5X FASTER with ThePhotoStick Cube! Simply plug in your phone to charge and it does the work for you.

ThePhotoStick® Cube is a small but powerful device that automatically finds, sorts, and safely backs up your photos, videos and other files - all while your phone is charging! It's perfect for anyone who wants to keep their memories safe and organized WITHOUT the hassle, time, and money it would cost to do it yourself!

Easy To Use – After downloading the FREE app, simply plug ThePhotoStick® Cube into your phone charger and it will automatically start to back up your photos when your phone begins charging. No complicated setup, logins, or software to install!

Works on Multiple Devices – Works on most computers and Apple devices  – iOS version compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Convenient & Secure – ThePhotoStick® Cube keeps all your most important files right at your fingertips, so they're easily accessible when you need them – yet stored safely and away from hackers.

Don't risk losing your precious memories – easily back them up with ThePhotostick® Cube!

How it works

Download the App

Visit the Apple or Android app store and download the FREE app

Plug It In

Plug ThePhotoStick Cube in between your phone charger and charging cord

Automatically Back Up

Relax while your phone automatically begins backing up your photos!


Independent Storage.

I had a grand total of about 60,000 images, with many duplicates. This little "stick" managed to eliminate the duplicates so that I now have about 24,00 originals preserved forever in a fire-proof vault, a cost-free and independent method of safekeeping. - C. Reshetiloff

Works just the way it says it does.

Works just the way it says it does; very easy to use. I checked it when done, and there were my pictures. There is so much room on the stick that I should be able to use it for years to backup documents and pictures. - L. Wilson

Worked perfectly out of the box.

So easy to use. Can move tons of old keepable photos off my other devices and onto this stick. I must have moved 500 photos to the stick and the "needle" barely moved. Totally happy with it - especially at a rather low cost. - John H.