Reasons You Need a Photo Backup Stick

Many people choose not to back up their files on a regular basis and we totally understand why. The thought of tediously sorting through ALL of your files and organizing them sounds like hours of punishment.

But what many don't know, is that technology has come a long way and photo backup sticks have completely changed the way we save our files! The best photo sticks will discover, organize, and save photographs and videos, and some can even recognize and skip duplicate files. And if you're not sure a photo backup stick is right for you, check out the list below for the top five reasons you may want to reconsider.


They don't require additional monthly fees - unlike the Cloud

When you purchase a photo backup stick you don't have to worry about hidden fees or additional monthly charges. The only cost you will need to factor in when making your purchase is the cost of the device itself. 

In fact, many backup sticks, such as ThePhotoStick Omni, have a FREE app that you can download straight to your mobile device. 

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meet the founder
meet the founder


Normal USB drives don't include 'discover and sort' technology

One of the worst parts of backing up your photos is sorting through each and every image - especially if you're someone who takes A LOT of photos. Sorting through duplicates and then finding a place for each image takes forever!

But when you use a photo backup stick, all you have to do is simply plug it into your device and press a button. These handy devices make transferring your photos from your phone to your computer a breeze!


You Can Backup your photos anywhere, anytime - No WiFi or internet connection needed

Unlike with external hard drives, most photo backup sticks can fit right in your pocket. No matter how stuffed your backpack is or how skinny your jeans are, you can carry your backup stick anywhere you go.

Take your photo backup stick on your next family vacation and easily back up your favorite photos and videos each night, ensuring you never lose a single memory.

meet the founder
meet the founder


Keep your personal files safe from online hackers

We’ve all heard the horror stories about people’s cloud storage accounts getting hacked or infected. Unfortunately, those happened because files are hosted over the internet and there's no guarantee that hackers won't try to access your content.

When you use a photo backup stick like ThePhotoStick Omni, your files are saved offline and safely away from the web. 

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You'll never worry about water damage, stolen devices, or losing files in the cloud again

Top-notch photo backup sticks, such as ThePhotoStick Omni, work with almost any major computer or mobile operating systems. When you purchase a photo backup stick, you're guaranteed a safe space for storing your files from each of your devices.

ThePhotoStick Omni stands out from othe photo backup sticks because of its specialized adapter. The Omni adapter is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS.

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