Getting to Know ThePhotoStick Interface


Main menu -- allows for access to various features of ThePhotoStick, including your photos/videos, settings, tools, and checking for ThePhotoStick software updates.
Status area -- provides status messages before, during, and after a backup is run.
ThePhotoStick capacity chart -- provides a quick snapshot of how much used and free space is currently on ThePhotoStick.
Backup statistics -- provides information for your current backup.
"Photo/Video Organizer" button -- opens ThePhotoStick Organizer that will show your photos and videos that are currently backed up to ThePhotoStick.
"Settings" button -- clicking this will launch the Settings and Options window for ThePhotoStick.
"User Guide" button -- opens the current ThePhotoStick online user guide.
"Exit" button -- clicking this closes ThePhotoStick software.
"Go!" button -- clicking this starts a back-up of your photos and videos.