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ThePhotoStick® Omni

ThePhotoStick® Omni

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ThePhotoStick® Omni is a powerful device that securely stores photos, videos, and files from various devices, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android tablets and smartphones. Simply plug ThePhotoStick® Omni into your phone to easily get started with your backup, and use the FREE app to organize and share your most treasured files.

Offering up to 512GB of storage, ThePhotoStick® Omni allows you to back up over 204,000 of your favorite photos and videos. Safely and easily store a lifetime of memories, no matter where they are, with a single device.


Android: Anroid OS 6.0 and Later

iOS: iOS and iPadOS 13.0 and Later

Windows: Windows 7 SP1 and Later

Mac: macOS X Version 10.13 and Later

Storage Capacity

Approximate Number of Photos Stored on ThePhotoStick USB:

  • 32GB - 12,800 photos
  • 64GB - 25,600 photos
  • 128GB - 51,200 photos
  • 256GB - 102,400 photos
  • 512GB - 204,800 photos

*Please note that storage capacity per GB listed above is approximate, and exact storage amounts vary depending on file type and size. For more in-depth information regarding ThePhotoStick Mobile, check out our Support Center.

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