Getting to Know ThePhotoStick Organizer Interface


Main Menu -- use to close ThePhotoStick Organizer and access ThePhotoStick Organizer tools
Select/Deselect All -- quickly select or deselect all photos and videos currently being displayed in the main viewer panel
Hide/Show Mobile and Computer -- By default, both mobile and desktop photos/videos are displayed in the main viewer panel.  To toggle hiding or showing mobile or computer photos/videos, click on the corresponding button
Rescan -- rescans your ThePhotoStick device for any photos or videos
Action Area -- access information and various actions you can do with your photos and videos.  
Main Viewer Panel -- displays thumbnails of your photos and videos
Files Selected -- displays the current number of photos and videos selected
Sorted by Information -- displays the current way your photos and videos are being sorted -- i.e. by date taken, location, etc.
Current Photos Loaded in the Main Viewer Panel -- displays which photos and videos are loaded in the main viewer panel as well as the total number of photos and videos that can be viewed.