ThePhotoStick Software Updates 2.0

ThePhotoStick releases updates to its software on a regular basis. 

  • To check if there is a newer ThePhotoStick version available, click on "Help" in the main menu and then "Check for Updates":


  • If an update is available, you will see a message indicating that a new version is available and it will list the various enhancements and fixes in the new software release.  To install the update, simply click on the "Update Now" button: 
  • After clicking "Update Now", you will be prompted again to be sure you want to start the update.  To start the update now, click the "OK" button.  To cancel the update, and remain at the current installed version, click "Cancel". 

  • After clicking the "Ok" button, ThePhotoStick will automatically close and the update will then be downloaded and installed. 

  • When the update completes, click the "Re-launch ThePhotoStick" to begin using the newly downloaded ThePhotoStick software:

  • You should now see the new ThePhotoStick version.  You are all set to begin using your new ThePhotoStick software.